The Company

Tecnoforni di Forato Emanuele is a service company that operates in the industrial sector since 1966
Tecnoforni di Forato Emanuele is specialized in the installation of industrial ovens and dryers for sanitary ware, ceramics and bricks and in the ordinary and extraordinary maintenances of the whole plant.

Born in 1966, years when it is developed a notable growth of the market of the ceramics, Tecnoforni operates as a service company in Italy, it furnishes technical assistance and it realizes the complete assemblage of the plant with the aid of qualified manpower.

The realization of the industrial ovens includes varied parts: a comprehensive metallic part of platforms conveyors, fans and the whole general carpentry. The building part is realized with material refractory united to insulating material (ceramic fiber) for the cooking of bricks, sanitary ware and ceramics; and finally the fittings, that are realized in the yard directly from the technical Tecnoforni that they certify the correct installation of it.

  • Installation of industrial ovens for sanitary ware, ceramic fiber and tiles.
  • Installation of industrial dryers.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenances on the whole plant.
  • Secondhand: purchase, sale, disassemblage, assemblage and fine-tuning.
  • Legal compliance and start-up assistance.
  • Technical assistance.